"I really felt relaxed and as if a heavy burden had been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you Melanie for listening to me and not passing judgement. I know I have a lot of work to do in order to modify my unhealthy vices but with your help I just know I will succeed! Hugs to All!" - Santa Cruz, CA

"I was treated in a courteous and professional manner and I felt very positive and hopeful when I left the place." - Santa Cruz, CA

"A wonderful establishment. I highly recommend Melanie for hypnotherapy!" _ Aptos, CA

"I went in and met with Melanie to try hypnotherapy to help me find some jewelry that I had misplaced.  I wasn't sure how well this would work, but I was a bit at my last resort.  So we did the session and I saw that I had put the jewels in the corner of a crowded closet.  When I went home, it wasn't in the corner that I thought, but it was in the other corner, in plain sight!" - J.D., Santa Cruz, CA 

"My husband and I had tried to get pregnant since we got married in 1999. After 5 years without luck we saw a fertility specialist who gave us less than a 10% chance of conceiving naturally. In 2004 we started the fertility process. Melanie had been my massage therapist for a few years and encouraged me to try deep abdomen massage before they did the embryo transfer. I am so glad that I did because our In vitro was successful our first time! My daughter was born in May of 2005.

Two years later we did our second embryo transfer , I was encouraged by my fertility doctor to try acupuncture. We were not successful.This year we gave our final try with In vitro. I called Melanie to schedule a deep abdomen massage right away. I had faith that it made all the difference the first time. We did  two sessions and she also did a visualization technique with me. I was physically and mentally ready then to receive my embryos. We transferred the 4 embryos we had left because I turned 35 this year, I have hypothyroid, and the embryos were frozen for 5 years already. The doctor predicted that one or maybe 2 would take. To our surprise three babies took! Around the 10th week we lost one of the triplets, but I am now in my 23rd week of pregnancy with two healthy babies.

I know that Melanie's techniques played a big part in both of my successful pregnancies. She really helped me defy the odds and now my family will be complete! Thank you Mel!!!"~ Beth T., Spokane, WA

"I have a neck condition that ended up requiring me to be medically discharged from the Army.  When I got pregnant and could no longer take Ibuprofen and other medications.  I was beside myself in pain.  I started seeing Melanie weekly and my chronic neck pain almost disappeared completely.  It was the most without pain I have ever been (and I was a big-fatty pregnant lady on no medication on board!).  Melanie can really feel what parts of the body need to be worked and in which way, and applies that to what I would explain to her as my problem(s); resulting in a high level of relief with the maximum benefit.  When I received massage from Melanie my stress levels and head aches declined as well.  I felt that me and my baby were always safe and being cared for in the best way possible."  ~ Camille F, Spokane, WA

"The combination of hypnotherapy and massage took me to the deepest levels of relaxation and healing; the combination facilitated the best possible results!"~ Matt R., Spokane, WA

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