Essential Couples Massage

Have you always wanted to know how to touch your partner in loving and healing ways? Have you ever had a kink in your neck and wished that your partner could effectively rub it out? Have you wanted to learn how to massage in a provocative way that would be sensually arousing and the most alluring foreplay? Or perhaps, you'd like to be able to communicate in clear, loving ways what your needs are, clarifying when you are in "the mood" and when you are really just needing some pain relief!
In this three hour class, you will learn both aspects of massage. You will learn to give a full body therapeutic massage, as well as how to stimulate the nervous system in a sensual, erotic way. You will learn how and where your partner likes to be touched, and how you yourself, enjoy being touched. Men and women often think differently about touch and massage. Learning about your partner's needs and wants, and how to communicate your own, can create the understanding to take your love to the next level. Each student will have an opportunity to volunteer for the demonstration of the techniques. This is a hands on, interactive class. You will each receive a manual with written instructions as well as, space for note taking.
This class will remain somewhat modest, in respect for the various classmates and values systems. Verbally, we will discuss sexuality, but there will NOT be exposed genitalia nor public massage of such. I timed this class specifically so you can take it home right away to practice, in private, all day long, your new-found techniques! Please come wearing a swimsuit, preferably a bikini for women and a speedo-type for men, although it is MOST important for you to come wearing what you are most comfortable in (tank top and shorts, regular bathing suits, etc...). You should bring a pad of some sort (yoga mat or camping mat is ideal, or better yet, your own massage table!), pillows and a blanket. Sheets will be provided.  I will keep the room warm enough for all of our comfort, but do note that often blood pressure levels lower when receiving massage, which can make a person cold, so definitely DO bring a blanket! I will supply each couple with a bottle of  massage oil lightly scented. If you'd like to use something specific, please bring it.
This class is limited to 5 couples only. The intimacy of the group, and the confidentiality is critical. Each person will be respected. That means that if your partner says "no" at any time, you stop and respect the boundaries. Some of you may want to not participate in the sensual aspect and that is absolutely, 100% fine. You can observe and take the materials to the privacy of your home. Safety, respect and boundaries are of the utmost importance. You will be asked to leave without refund if you cross the line.
The instructor, Melanie Sargent, is a full-time massage therapist, clinical hypnotherapist, and certified life coach. For my full bio, please see the about page here on my website!  Melanie Sargent provides professional, healing massage therapy in her practice in Santa Cruz, never any inappropriate sexual touch. smile

Mandala Manifesting Workshop  


Come along on a journey of personal exploration and manifestation. We will each be guided through a relaxation process, focusing on one aspect of each of our lives that we would like to see change, growth, and our desires manifested. We will be journaling our visions in a trance state and then moving into the artistic process of creating and/or coloring your personal mandala.  

The mandala is a centering tool, bringing focus, clarity and awareness to the divine within you and the divine that is surrounding you.  It brings you full circle into that which you are.  This four-hour class will provide the mentorship by Melanie Sargent, certified, Clinical Hypnotherapist and playful artist.  All supplies, including personal journals, mandala templates, posterboards, craft supplies, etc... will be provided. $50 per person, class is limited to 20 attendees.

Please email Melanie at to register. Or use the dropdown Paypal Menu and select Workshop E.

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