Melanie Sargent is a trained, Certified, Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP practitioner, Master MER& # 8 4 8 2 ; Easy Childbirth Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Emotional Freedom Therapist, Intuitive Energy Worker, Life Coach, and Ordained Minister.  Since 1995 she has been working within the healing arts community expanding her knowledge and refining her skills. A lifelong learner, Melanie is ever-expanding her "toolbox" of modalities and intuition to help YOU live your very best life!

Her ultimate calling is to affect positive change in people, their relationships both with their divine self, and with others. Helping people to learn to effectively communicate their needs and desires, increasing intimacy in personal relationships, both sexually and spiritually. She will guide you into releasing negative emotions and imprints that provoke anxiety and depression, fear patterns and insomnia. She intuitively helps people refine their ideas, values, dreams and life expectations so that they achieve harmony with fulfilling their life’s purpose and alignment to their personal blueprint, their authentic selfEach person’s experience will be unique, specifically tailored to meet the ever-growing and changing needs of the individual.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, she has capably  led people to successful weight loss, past-life regression therapy, ideal inner mate, life purpose work and a myriad of other, case specific therapies.  Melanie has successfully worked with many children and teens, helping them with issues such as stammering, anxiety, ADHD, Autism, teen hormones/rebellion, and improved study habits and grades.  After years of training and working with hundreds of clients, you can be confident that Melanie can guide you to the success and inner peace that you crave.

Being an Easy Childbirth Practitioner with the use of hypnotherapy is another specialty area that Melanie enjoys immensely, as she believes that women are capable of having low-pain, positive birthing experiences, in a relaxed, empowered way that YOU, as the mother, get to define!

As a licensed massage therapist, she implemented the massage program for the Seattle Seahawks during summer training camps for nine consecutive years, working directly with the players as well as managing the program.  She has continued since 1997 in private practice effectively rehabilitating injuries, managing chronic pain, Pre-Conception Womb-Preparation Therapy (massage & energy work for fertility encouragement), as well as energetically enhanced relaxation massage for stress-management.

Melanie is located in Santa Cruz, CA.  She is available for phone consultations, Skype, or person to person experiential discoveries.  Please call for an appointment, Monday through Friday, first appointments starting at 9:00 am, last appointment of the day at 4:00pm, and twice a week 5:30 pm, PST.  Phone or Skype sessions available occasionally later hours and some weekends.  

Telephone: (831) 345-2233

Mailing Address:  1509 Seabright Avenue, Suite A2
                             Santa Cruz, CA 95062

E-Mail:     MYSargent@gmail.com

Website:  www.melaniesargent.com

I am here to support you in the manifesting of your dreams, clearing the blocks, easing your pain, and awakening your hidden gifts!