Monday, December 15, 2014

Live HAPPY!!!

What would it be like to move through life feeling peaceful and calm, despite what is happening around you? Do you think that it's possible to be happy?  Is it possible to view life's challenges through the lens of learning and growth, rather than disgust, frustration and disappointment?

Well yes it is! Oftentimes, I'm accused of being a bit of a "Pollyanna" and a bit naive, but the truth is, I'm really neither. I'm pragmatic, a realist, and a bit cynical at times. I'm not very naive anymore either. And, I can be quite skeptical of anything too "woo-woo", unless the "woo-woo" can prove to me it's validity! And....

That said, I am hopeful.
Go play in the water!

I am happy.

I am living a life through the lens of possibilities.

And, I am creating the life that I choose, each and every day, feeling mostly peaceful and calm, despite the little storms that brew and shower over me at times.

If this is true for you, then it pleases me immensely! Know that YOU are part of the new paradigm that is taking root and growing in our world. It's been taking form in the few for a long time, and now it's spreading it's blissful powers of possibility into more and more lives, which perpetuates the GOOD!!! And, sets everything in motion for love to transcend. :)

If you are not someone who is finding it easy to live a happy, contented life, free from anxiety and depression, then you may be interested to know that you can be!  There is an awesome new therapy technique called MER (Mental and Emotional Release) created by Dr. Matthew James. I am certified in this technique that creates rapid and lasting changes by releasing the charge from negative emotions that hold you back from enjoying your life fully. 

This technique will help you to not be so reactive to the little storms in life, calming you and helping you to keep perspective in all aspects of living. Most people find no more then 6 sessions needed, as opposed to years and years, and thousands of dollars worth of psychotherapy or other traditional psychological methods.

I will challenge YOU to see how amazing your life can be!