Thursday, July 25, 2013

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Breast Massage; Potentially a Life Saver

I've been a certified breast massage therapist for over a decade now.  Several times a year, I will work with some of my female clients manually and share with them about positive breast health.  The sessions are always positive and healing.

However, the majority of my female clients I've never even broached the subject with before.

I have been remiss.

I learned recently that one of my treasured, regular clients is likely being diagnosed with breast cancer. It appears that the markers are looking good for a lumpectomy, which would be minimally invasive, thankfully.  I feel that I have done her, and my many other female clients (and maybe male too), such a disservice by being shy about my skill.  And, in withholding the potential for early detection in the least, complete prevention at best.

After my clients diagnosis, when she told her husband, he reflected that a few weeks prior he had thought he had felt a little lump while they were in the throws of passion and forgot to tell her or examine it later.  Often this is the case... Or, it creates a fear that subconsciously your brain takes and stores in the back recess of your brain, much like hiding under the covers so the boogeyman won't get you.  If you conveniently don't remember, then it must not be true, and therefore, your beloved is safe and healthy.

Unfortunately, cancer doesn't go away typically just by denial.  Or ignorance.  Or fear.  In fact, it thrives in that environment.

Certainly, in the case of my client, and most of us, we aren't purposefully ignorant.  We just, well... are.

I was ignorant for not sharing how important breast massage is.  Potentially, I would have felt the discrepancy in her breast tissue if I had been treating her therapeutically on a regular basis.  I still could have missed it, of course, it isn't foolproof and it's not an infallible practice, but there is certainly the greater chance of early detection with therapeutic breast massage.

And so, I'm letting all of you know the importance of regular breast massage.  If your practitioner doesn't offer the service, find one who is trained in it.  Ask.  Have your partner massage your breasts regularly.  Enjoy it as a loving practice, perhaps even foreplay (just remember to further explore later if anything questionable is noted).

The breasts are a gateway to intimacy.  Whether breastfeeding your child or opening the feminine pole of arousal, our breasts create bonds that are beautiful and profound.  They deserve daily attention and reverence, by our personal touch and relationship to them, and by our partners.

Nurture them, touch them, love them, and massage them!