Friday, March 29, 2013

The View From Here

I was hanging a light fixture yesterday and kept dropping the screws.  You know how it goes, you're all alone, wanting this beautiful new fixture to be hung properly in a timely manner, and the damn screws keep slipping from your fingers!  Probably due to your arms shaking from having them overhead for so long, or is that just me?  At any rate, the screws were falling and I wasn't sure where they went.  I was getting frustrated because I had to get to work soon, but I had to finish putting up the light first...  I looked all around the carpet, into the kitchen and living room too.  I found one screw fairly easily, but the other was elusive.  I felt myself twitching in agitation.  I had to give myself a time out.

I went for a little walk around the parking lot outside and gave myself a little pep talk.

Decided that I needed to change my perspective.  Maybe, just maybe, if I shifted my reality a little the screws would appear as my reward for being flexible.

The first thing I noticed when I entered my home again was my little dog, Turner.  He tilted his head to the side and lifted his big, floppy ear towards me.  I could almost hear him saying, "Eh? You want to check it out my way?"  Ah, yes, Turner, be flexible like a puppy, brilliant!  "I think that would be a good idea, thanks," I psychically told him.

So I dropped to all fours, snuffled and made dog-like gestures (Yep, I'm pretty aware that if I were spied upon they would like think I was nuts!).  Alas, I was down on the carpet, crawling around for no more than 30 seconds when I spotted the missing screw!  It was tucked rather discreetly behind a large begonia.  It was completely out of site from a topical viewing.  But, in my dog-like stance I was able to spy it immediately!  I grabbed the screw and gave my pup a high five!

Change your perspective, change your life!  Well, sometimes your whole life may not shift immediately, but nevertheless, the incremental change of seeing something or someone from a different, often more compassionate, vantage point can be monumental to the karma that you attract in your life.  And, you just may find your missing screw!

As you reflect back on your life, the choices you've made, and the outcomes that have resulted from your choices, how often do you think you would have achieved a more desirable outcome had you taken the time to shift your perspective and look at alternative angles (of thinking, behaving, sharing, etc..).  I wonder how many times you can, in both your present and in your future, you can take a moment (even when you know you are right) to look at alternative perspectives, and make choices that bring forth the best and most positive win-win solutions.  I think that you will find it quite rewarding.  And, the more you practice, the easier it will get and the results will continue to enrich your life, and others'!