Sunday, October 7, 2012

Focus on What's Important

So often it seems that I get buried in the minutia. All of the little incessant things of life that take me away from what's really important. A lot of times, they are also important things, don't get me wrong, just not the things that really drive my bus, so to speak. When you look at your life, and the choices you make that create outcomes, are you living what is important to you? Are you living what is important to others? Or are you living what you think will make you important? So many ways to ponder these questions, and questions within questions... The first thing that I think is good to get a handle on, is what IS important to you? What do you do that fills you with joy? With knowledge? With abundance? Who is important to you? Who really inspires you when you share time with them? Who makes you laugh like no other? Who do you melt into passion with? Who do you feel safe and comfortable with? Conversely, who do you share time with that makes you uncomfortable in a really healthy, growing way? Make some lists answering the above questions and any other questions that pull from them. Ask yourself, "Why are these things important to me?" "How did I learn that these were important?" "Did I come to this on my own, or did someone else tell me they should be important to me?" If they came from someone else, inspect them, check in about them to see if they are authentically something that is important to YOU because of YOU, not because you were told to hold them in value. Delegate out the not-so-important, but still necessary things. For example, if you can afford to, hire someone to clean your house every week or two so that you can use that time for something that really fills you up and inspires you. I struggle with bookkeeping. I just found out that for about $100 bucks a month I can have someone help me keep my books without a lot of extra effort on my part. How cool is that? Bookkeeping is important, but it certainly doesn't inspire me, so now I've found a way to delegate and maximize my time with the things and people that do inspire me! Focus on what is important to you. Let the other non-necessity things in life float on by. Our lives are enriched by our experiences, and as far as anyone knows for certain, we only have this one life. Fill your life with what's important!