Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Is Hypnosis Safe & Will it Help Me?

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are often thought of as this ambiguous idea of "mind control" that creates fear and concern in many people.  The media has done a fine job of creating a mammoth misunderstanding about what hypnosis is, and what it isn't.  I would like to provide a little education to my readers, in hopes to squelch the fear patterns.  And, let's face it, we could all use a little less fear in our lives!   (One of the many things that hypnosis can help with, by the way!)

Hypnotic trance is a natural state that we are in and out of periodically throughout our day.  Any time that we are accessing our imagination... watching a compelling movie or television show... driving down the highway lost in thought... planning our lives in our heads with details and pictures, just like we are actually doing the activities... we are in a state of hypnosis.  Therefore, ALL hypnosis is SELF hypnosis.  A natural, safe, wonderful way to allow your conscious mind to rest and your subconscious mind to create!

Locked into our subconscious minds is everything that we have ever heard, seen, imagined, or interpreted.  Our perspectives, at different times in our lives, can be very different.  Remember when you were a little child and your uncle seemed so very big?  And now, as an adult, you can recognize that he's actually a very small man.  He didn't change, but your perspective of how you interpreted him, did change.  We do this with all sorts of stuff.  Something as innocent as overhearing your mother on the phone with someone when you are three years old, saying something to the effect of, "Oh yes, my girl is SUCH a fast learner!"  This seems really innocent, doesn't it?  A nice, positive thing to hear!  Well... maybe.  If this statement becomes locked into your subconscious mind as a truth about who you are and how you identify yourself in this world, what happens when you try to learn something new and you don't learn "fast"?  Maybe the result is that you think you are a failure.  You quit.  You work even harder to prove that you are a fast learner.  You feel like you've let down everyone.  You get depressed and frustrated.  You react full of blame and resentment.  These are all potential fallout of a pleasant, innocuous comment made when you were three years old that you identified with.

As crazy as that scenario may sound, I see it happening in my practice time and again, in one form or the other. Sometimes, it's a negative comment that locks in.  All of what we've heard, seen and learned is taken in through our personal perspective, and somewhere along the way, in our subconscious minds, we decide if it is true or false and then it dictates our behaviors, successes and failures, for the rest of our lives.

Unless we do something about it....

Hypnosis is a tool to do something about it.  A qualified certified hypnotherapist should have the tools to help assess where your stumbling blocks are, and how to navigate the relaxation process to delve into your subconscious mind and help YOU to discover the different things that have come into your awareness throughout your life (and maybe before), and for YOU to create resolution and peace with.

So much healing can occur when you actually understand all of the internal motivating factors that have to do with who you choose to be in this world, and how to change the parts that aren't working for you.

Hypnosis is not a medium to let the devil in.  It doesn't open you up to the "dark side" anymore than sleep does, or watching television, or meditation.  Like I stated above, it is a natural state.  When you work with a qualified, certified hypnotist or hypnotherapist, you will NEVER do anything or say anything that you do not (on some level) want to do or say.  I like to explain it like this--you and your therapist are taking a trip.  You are the driver and they are the navigator.  You have handed them the map of where you would like to be directed, but at any given time, if you choose to turn left instead of right, YOU are in control and can do just that.  A qualified therapist will help keep you on track based on the previously agreed upon plan, but ultimately, you are the boss and you get to exactly where you need to be, and what you are ready for, that day.

Sometimes, multiple sessions are needed to really get the work done.  Baby steps to help you reach your goal.  The old expression, "The teacher will appear when the student is ready" goes even one step further with hypnotherapy, "The subconscious mind will allow what the client is ready for".  Choose your hypnotist that you feel safe and comfortable with, who listens to you (both spoken and unspoken communication), and that you intuit will be supportive and knowledgeable about how to maximize your time together for the best possible results!

Now, allow yourself to relax into a transformative experience that is specially designed just for you and put your worries away!  You'll love it!