Monday, April 9, 2012

Open Your Eyes and See

I went to Easter service with my aunt and uncle at their local church yesterday. It was a beautiful church, with high beams, copper pipes, comfortable booths. There was a warmth and a friendliness emanating from the people around me. This church was filled with kindhearted people who truly choose to, more often than not, do the right thing, like most of us.

My faith was different than theirs, although not too long ago, it was the same... or at least, similar. It was interesting to see the perspective that this branch of Christianity presented. As it was Easter, the theme was, of course, Christ's resurrection, and Heaven.

The pastor led us through analogies of the suffering that we are to endure here on earth, to prepare us for the grandiosity of Heaven. He explained how we would need to basically cast our ego's aside when we are in Heaven because we will encounter the most heavenly creatures that will blow our minds! How we will marvel at their beauty and gifts, and how we will essentially feel inadequate in comparison.

And it made me wonder... Have these people not seen the miracles and the beauty that is all around them? Are they so looking upward that they have forgotten to look inward and at the abundance of creation all around them? We live in a place of MIRACLES, with unfathomable beauty all around us! Every ant, dolphin, puffy fish, giraffe, even my least favorite, the mosquito, is an exquisite gift of the Divine! And most of all, each other. We are miracles too!!!

We need to open our eyes and SEE and be GRATEFUL and CURIOUS and HUMBLED here on earth because we are all one with this magnificent creation all around us NOW, THEN, and FOREVER! We live in ecstasy, if we choose to be open to it.

This Easter, I choose to receive the gifts of the Divine that are all around me. You. My pets. The plants. The sea. The many cultures. Art. Comedy. The quiet. The noise. Jesus, one of the great masters, said that if only we had faith of that of a mustard seed, we could move mountains. He didn't say that we could move mountains once we got to Heaven. We can move mountains here and now. It starts with opening our eyes to see, love and appreciate all that is around us. And, having faith that we can create whatever our hearts desire with that of the faith of a mustard seed.