Monday, March 26, 2012

Let Your Love Light Shine!

Love is very powerful.

Recently, I had an experience that really helped me gain perspective as to how incredibly lucky I am to have so many different forms of love available to me throughout my life. I have the joy of forming deeply connected bonds with my clients and others that have come into my life. And so, I've learned the many flavors of love and have a deep appreciation for the variety.

Many people only have had romantic love and familial love modeled for them. Spiritual, emotional, and friendship love are foreign concepts that they cannot relate with. In fact, for some people, the idea that love exists in these forms is like believing that the world is flat and having someone tell you that it is in fact, round. Back in the old days, it was unbelievable information, and it took a lot of time, science and enough leaders accepting it as truth for the rest of the people to finally accept it. The same is true for these flavors of love. And, it breaks my heart. That is why I feel it necessary to write about it here.

When people grow up with an absence of multi-flavored love concoctions, it can sometimes be difficult to share your innocent love with them. Many people only know love in a romantic/sexual way or in an immediate family way. When you show them love in a spiritual and humanitarian way, it can be misconstrued, particularly when you are relating with the opposite sex. And, that unfortunately, can lead to heartbreak and emotional distress. For the both of you. Trust me, I just went through this and it is agonizing. I truly considered just turning off, or at least using the dimmer switch to control the amount of love flow that I was projecting. I didn't want to have to deal with another misinterpretation of my affections... and then, I realized that not only would I be restricting my authentic self, but I would also be taking a gift away from the world.

As arrogant as that may have sounded, I firmly believe that each of us are gifted with LOVE and to show it and exult it is the highest form of gratitude to the Universe, aka God. We all, not just me, have an obligation to love fully and freely, and of course, respectfully. We need to let our love light shine full powered! We would be doing a disservice to ourselves and our world if we suppress it. Especially to those who aren't familiar with it and take it wrong... Because, the more they witness this kind of love firsthand, the more familiar it will become and the less likely they are to misunderstand again. And, the more likely they are to start sharing this kind of love as well! See, like a circle of love!

With this love does come responsibility, not only to the recipient, but also to ourselves. We need to listen to our intuition. Choose our loving words carefully and our physical expressions, like hugs, thoughtful and intentional. Explore your personal boundaries and then keep to them, firmly and kindly.

I'm here to encourage you all to open yourselves up to LOVE, in all of it's glorious forms! Share information, hugs, a smile, praise... and do it with loving intention. Let the love inside of you radiate out, and let the love of others filter in! The only way to increase love in the world, is to increase love within ourselves and through our outward expression.