Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Abundance Experiment, Day 2

"" I lift up my mind and heart to be aware, to understand, and to know that the Divine Presence I AM is the Source and Substance of all my good." -John Randolph Price, exert from The Abundance Book.

The Divine Presence I AM... I think that that is the Source and Substance of ALL. Good and Bad, those judgments that I put on circumstances within my perspective. Everything the Universe puts in my path is for my very best. Some things may be interpreted as "bad" by me, and others as "good", but ultimately all for my BEST.

I say this with a bit of a smirk, I must confess. Today was a very good day by my personal standards, and yet I had something happen that could have absolutely taken my vantage point to a disturbing low. I somehow missed a stop sign on my way to dinner, leaving a long day at work. And, I wasn't alone as I missed my stop. Conveniently, there was a police officer to witness my infraction and he very kindly, but firmly, pulled me over and presented me with a ticket! At first I was so confused... I've driven this route a hundred times and have always stopped. Somehow tonight my mind was on something else, likely food, and I just didn't stop--had zero recollection that there even existed a stop sign there. It was all so very bizarre.

My immediate reaction was that of scoffing disbelief that just on day 2 alone of my prosperity plan I would LOSE at least a few hundred dollars, that I don't believe (didn't believe) I can bear to lose, by a simple oversight. And, I sat in my truck for a few moments collecting myself and reflecting on the irony. Some may say that Murphy's Law was out to get me. I actually used to truly believe that I would jinx myself from anything that I wanted if I thought of it too much or showed too much joyous emotion. Thankfully, I learned a while ago that that kind of thinking was crap. Negative. And, counter productive. However, it's obvious to me that some strands of that former consciousness still harbor within me, or I would have right away noticed the gift of my ticket...

This is my gift from tonight's experience: The Universe was playfully testing me. Before it starts allowing the energetic flow of money and abundance my way, it needs to know that I can release all attachments to what that will look like. I need to let go of the feelings of "Lack" and fully, deeply... penetratingly deeply, OWN the beliefs that money is a revolving door of energy.

Although the ticket certainly didn't feel "good" in the human kind of way, I recognize on a deeper and WAY more trustworthy level, that it was for MY GOOD in the highest sense of the meaning. And so, we close on Day 2 with a little drama, a hint of an antagonist character, always a plus for any story worth reading, don't you think?

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