Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Inspiring Minds Want to Know!

What inspires you?

What makes you want to sing in the shower, skip instead of walk, and compliment others' instead of remaining silent?

For me, it's the smile on a child as I pass them by... a really great rhythm on the radio... a kiss on my cheek from my son... a kind word from a stranger...

Truly, things as simple as this are creating magic in the world! We have the opportunity every single day to touch someone's lives in a positive way! So, what's stopping you? What makes us decide to be in a bad mood and spread it like the plague, when we can take that bad mood and flip it with one smile and a sigh?

The challenge of the day is this: Next time you are feeling out of sorts and not very nice and inspired, go and tell three people something nice that you notice about them, smile at a stranger, and let someone in in traffic or any kind of line. Just do it and then notice what it does to YOU.

Namaste friends...

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