Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Inspiring Minds Want to Know!

What inspires you?

What makes you want to sing in the shower, skip instead of walk, and compliment others' instead of remaining silent?

For me, it's the smile on a child as I pass them by... a really great rhythm on the radio... a kiss on my cheek from my son... a kind word from a stranger...

Truly, things as simple as this are creating magic in the world! We have the opportunity every single day to touch someone's lives in a positive way! So, what's stopping you? What makes us decide to be in a bad mood and spread it like the plague, when we can take that bad mood and flip it with one smile and a sigh?

The challenge of the day is this: Next time you are feeling out of sorts and not very nice and inspired, go and tell three people something nice that you notice about them, smile at a stranger, and let someone in in traffic or any kind of line. Just do it and then notice what it does to YOU.

Namaste friends...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An "In-Mind Vacation" to Enjoy...

Does anyone else out there occasionally just get an overwhelming desire to go away? Not necessarily to disappear, but to rather transport yourself to another place, a new experience, a quiet beach, a mountain top... anywhere other than where you are right now?

Yep. That would be me lately.

I keep looking at www.travelzoo.com for all the last minute getaway specials, but with being a single mother, just hopping on a plane doesn't happen! So, I'm going away in my mind... I take the fast route, inside my subconscious, using a self-hypnosis techniques that I'm going to walk you through in moment.

It's very simple. In fact, you may even wondering if it really does work, because it is so simple... but be assured, it does!

This is how it works.

Close your eyes....

Take three deep, slow breaths... and repeat to your self, RELAX.... with each exhalation

Imagine you are in the most beautiful, safe place that you have ever laid your eyes on. Even if your eyes have only seen it in your imagination or in a magazine, it doesn't matter. Imagine it in full color. With all the details that you would take in if you were actually there in person. The smells in the air, the sounds around you, any sensations of touch you may experience. The finite branches of a tree, the lapping of a wave, the tickle of a ladybug landing on your shoulder... imagine it all...

And let yourself absorb the serenity... Absorb the relaxing energy of your safe place. The place where you can be alone, and yet never be lonely. The place where you matter. Where you can metaphorically, charge your battery. Imagine it and allow it.

Process whatever needs to be processed. Fall into a slumber. Meditate. Meet with your inner healer or your higher self and ask for guidance and then listen and trust in the answers that intuitively come to you!

When the time comes for you to return from your "vacation", just open your eyes and let the present moment come softly to you. Bring the sanctity of your safe place into your current situation, the peacefulness you allowed inside, to radiate outward.

I hope this little exercise brings you the peace and inner escape that sometimes our crazy world requires of us.