Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Your Mindset Dictates Your Outcome

"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right." ~Henry Ford

"That which you are seeking, is seeking you." ~Rumi

What do these famous quotes have in common? Mindset, to put it simply.

The Law of Attraction has been quite the buzz for the last few years. People's awareness is increasing and many people are capitalizing on it. And why not? There have always been those who are meant to teach, and those who are meant to learn. And, the "law" is an amazing lesson to learn! It is interesting to me, however, that the message has been around for centuries, coming in and out of fashion, with a fancy "catch phrase" here and there... The Secret, anyone? But, the message is hardly a secret. It's known. It's talked about. And, it works. Unfortunately, it's also underutilized.

So what makes the Law of Attraction so compelling again now? The last forty years or so has been a pivotal time in history. Things are shaking up, rules have been broken and re-wrote and are still being re-written every day. So why now does more than half the world's population know what the law of attraction is, and yet... so many people are still struggling to utilize it? In a word, perception. Many of us were taught things like "If it seems to good to be true, then it probably is" (says who?), "easy come, easy go" (really?), "there is nothing for free" (except Costco samples). All of these sentiments have value and are totally accurate and appropriate... within certain contexts. For example, if a dashing man tells you of a shady investment that will only cost you most of your life savings, but the chances of making millions off of this deal are 100 to 1, but the facts and fictions don't add up very well, then perhaps you should pay heed to the old saying of something being too good to be true! But, to hold the idea in your head that every potential investment that you could partake in is a 'too good to be true' deal, just because you could make a nice profit, is likely just a fear mindset pattern that will hold you back from ever maximizing your earning potential.

There is a time and a place to apply the old adages. This is where using common sense, listening to your intuition, holding sacred space for the possible, and maybe hedging your bets a little... come into play. We aren't foolproof 100% of the time. Nor does the Law of Attraction work for every possible scenario all the time. The Universe is a glorious, vast expanse of amazing opportunities. You have to give a little wiggle room for the scenes to play out the many ways they could. How boring would Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell be if the movie director never let them add-lib or run with their comedic brilliance? Let the Universe have a little play room with It's brilliance!

Explore attraction. Look into the seat of your soul and excavate your most passionate desires. Take that desire and create an outline of how your can express your desire. Be specific without being rigid. Then open yourself up to it happening! Let the Universe show you how and where, and when it will unfold!

I have to share a little personal story now... I knew that it was time to leave Spokane, my hometown. My ex-husband and I had all these wonderful adventures that we were going to manifest together that would take us to other parts of the world, but then we had the "stuff" come up between us that ultimately ended our marriage. I was left with still wanting to create an adventurous life. I felt like an eagle with a broken wing--I knew I had it in me to soar, I just needed to mend and change my environment first. So, I started writing up a manifestation, otherwise known as, a loose outline of what I desired and where I desired to live. I explored different areas of the world that were curious to me and narrowed my search for a new town down to a few geographic areas.

And then, I went on a vacation with a couple of old friends that I had reconnected with through the mysteries of Facebook. We had an absolutely marvelous time and in the course of the vacation, I shared with them about my desire to move. They insisted that I come and visit them in their beloved beach town of Santa Cruz, CA. I had never even considered living in the Bay area because of the high cost of living, but San Francisco had been one of my favorite all-time cities in the world, and so I was a little curious to see if I would like living in the area. So, I went for a visit, fell in love with the area and the proximity to the city, set a move date and viola! Moved to Santa Cruz less than six months later! And, my life has gone into overdrive with that of loving friendships, male affection, interesting and wonderful clients, opportunities knocking around every corner... it's been a dream come true!

Those two friends were a catalyst for change for me. They were so incredibly there for me when I was vulnerable and scared in a new, exciting transition--and the Universe knew that that was what I needed to move me into this life of opportunity that I was meant for! You never know what or who will come up or how it will manifest, unless you keep open and let the Universe do it's magic!

Life is an adventure. Just like in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, there is a delicious surprise around every corner. If you can allow a shift to occur in your thinking that will accommodate that perception. You allow that shift in thinking to happen one thought at a time. When a negative thought, or lack mentality idea comes to you, recognize it for what it is, then let it go... laugh it off as ancient history... reframe it into a positive viewpoint... maybe even make up a short mantra that you can repeat over and over so it sticks...

In fact, repeat after me:
I am capable... I am amazing... I am love... I attract opportunities... I am happy... I am love.....