Thursday, October 7, 2010

Go Big, or Go Home!

Life is the ultimate challenge. Just living. Getting up in the morning, plugging away through your day, going to bed in the evening... and all the minutia in-between. It can be such a drag at times or at other times, the best thing ever!

Why is it that some evenings I muster every ounce of strength that I have just to cook up a pot of Top Ramen, finding no pleasure in the cooking process, the eating or the clean-up. Although other nights I feel inspired and create masterpieces of creative cuisine, loving the chopping, sautèing, washing the dishes, presenting the dishes, eating the meal, washing more dishes... ah... the memories of my fondness for cooking settles over me with a smile. But, let me tell you, the mundane daily must-do's can really bore me and get me down!

I was thinking about all the ways I prescribe to changing my outlook, and therefore, my mood, around these ordinary tasks and I was struck with the concept that I shake it up! I get out there! I DO things, go places, visit people, throw parties, exercise, tickle my teenager until he wants tackle me into submission! I create new experiences so that my life constantly has to evolve and grow, so it never really becomes too repetitious. Right down to the food I cook... rarely do I ever produce the same thing twice!

Life is an adventure that needs to be explored! We live on a planet that is full of opportunity! And, I know what you may be thinking... "Well, with this economy, there needs to be cut-backs and sacrifices. Can't just run off to RomeHiking Nevada Falls in Yosemite, CA to see the Pantheon, now can we?" lol Perhaps not. But, I would wager to say that most of you haven't even explored your own backyard, much less the community that you live in. So, check out what's happening in your home town. What do tourists want to see when they come to your town? Have you ever gone to check it out? You may live in NYC, and you see the Statue of Liberty every day from your office window, but have you ever actually taken the ferry out to it, paid for a ticket and explored the Statue itself?

Get creative. Get moving. Get curious.

Go big in life, with colorful things that please you, surround yourself with people that warm your heart or stretch your mind, take that trek to the beach that you've waited all your life to do, taste a bite of that ethnic food that scares you, take a painting class knowing full well that your 5th grade art teacher told your parents you had no talent for art, sing in the shower, take an algebra class at the community college if that's your thing, take pictures of inanimate objects and use them as your facebook profile picture, just do something! Or, just go home!

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