Friday, January 29, 2010

Riding the Wave!

The metaphor is a bit cliché, but I like it though for my purpose of todays topic. You see, it's versatile as well as, ambitious! For instance, have you ever tried to surf? It takes time and practice, over and over getting tossed by the waves, wondering if you are ever going to resurface, wondering if ever it's going to be easy... until finally one day your feet find themselves beneath you and you are standing, perhaps a little wobbly, and being propelled towards the beach by an undeniable wave! This, my friends, is the way life often operates.

And, it is also the path to success.

Those who make it big in life are those that choose to keep trying. To fall again and again, refining and perfecting their entrance, their exit, their posture, their timing, their proposal... tweaking all of their approach to align themselves with success!

I believe that all of us are meant to ride the wave. We are all meant for success, we only have to define what success means to us individually. I don't mean what society has told us it's supposed to mean, but the meaning that is clear to us on the deepest, most cellular level. Only we can know that and often it is a very private understanding.

My thought for today is, what is your definition of success? Are you living it? What steps do you need to take in order for you to metaphorically stand up on your board and ride your wave? Who do you need to talk to? When you sit quietly, what does God or your intuition tell you? If you were to die now, would you be pleased with your life? What would you change?

Write out what comes to you and I challenge you to start taking action and manifest your own success. One baby step at a time, learning from all the times you have fallen and will fall, Ride YOUR Wave!

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