Friday, January 29, 2010

Riding the Wave!

The metaphor is a bit cliché, but I like it though for my purpose of todays topic. You see, it's versatile as well as, ambitious! For instance, have you ever tried to surf? It takes time and practice, over and over getting tossed by the waves, wondering if you are ever going to resurface, wondering if ever it's going to be easy... until finally one day your feet find themselves beneath you and you are standing, perhaps a little wobbly, and being propelled towards the beach by an undeniable wave! This, my friends, is the way life often operates.

And, it is also the path to success.

Those who make it big in life are those that choose to keep trying. To fall again and again, refining and perfecting their entrance, their exit, their posture, their timing, their proposal... tweaking all of their approach to align themselves with success!

I believe that all of us are meant to ride the wave. We are all meant for success, we only have to define what success means to us individually. I don't mean what society has told us it's supposed to mean, but the meaning that is clear to us on the deepest, most cellular level. Only we can know that and often it is a very private understanding.

My thought for today is, what is your definition of success? Are you living it? What steps do you need to take in order for you to metaphorically stand up on your board and ride your wave? Who do you need to talk to? When you sit quietly, what does God or your intuition tell you? If you were to die now, would you be pleased with your life? What would you change?

Write out what comes to you and I challenge you to start taking action and manifest your own success. One baby step at a time, learning from all the times you have fallen and will fall, Ride YOUR Wave!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's NOT Who We ARE, Not Really, Anyway...

I was having a deep conversation with one of my friends last night and she made a comment about emotions, and how she felt often disconnected from them. It hit me in a very profound way, as I've often noticed that my emotions so often feel disproportionate to the event that caused, or sometimes didn't cause, the actual emotion.

I'm wondering if there are many others out there that feel this way? I'll try to explain more in depth what I mean...

Sometimes, in the midst of a deep emotion, I'm struck by the thought that if I were on the spiritual plane, I wouldn't be emoting at all. Likely, I would just be reflecting upon the learnings the event provided. It sounds cold and callous to even write that, because there are certain events that are surely worthy of deep emotion. I do believe this. I just sometimes also believe that if I were in Spirit form, or rather, sometimes when I am more aligned with my spiritual self, the emotions wouldn't be so profound because I would understand fully the continuance of everything. For example, my humanness allows me to cry when my Grandmother passed away. I'm crying for selfish reasons because I will miss her and do miss her in my life in the physical form. My spiritual form sees it as a wonderful opportunity for my Grandmother to shed the body that was no longer serving her and to move on to new challenges. My Spirit sees it as a rebirth into the next phase of the life cycle. My Human self sees it as the death and loss of something valuable.

The contradiction is obtuse. And, conversely, acute. Eckhart Tolle talks much in his book, The New Earth, about how to better align ourselves with our Spirit self. And, I agree so much. And, I disagree in part as well. His brilliant book was groundbreaking in many ways and so elegant and helpful. The part that I disagree with are minor, but huge in the big picture. I believe that we choose as Spirits to have human experiences and that we aren't meant to experience life solely from an esoteric perspective. We choose to be here. We choose to experience hurt, joy, frustrations, love, empowerment and impoverishment. We choose to feel deeply and fully a myriad of emotions and experiences.

So, sometimes in the midst of an emotional outburst, I will chastise myself for the emotion. I will go into a disconnect with my feelings, trying to explore the highest good of the situation and why or how my emotion is acceptable, or not, and how to improve it later. I think its okay to do that, as it may help me in my journey to understanding myself and what I am doing here, but I also think its important allow human expression as it radiates.

And so, I come back to the idea that we are NOT our emotions, just as we are NOT our occupations, or anything else that we align our selves with. We are not nouns, but an abundance of adjectives!

We are Spiritual beings that have chosen to have a Human experience. And, that doesn't just involve positive experiences! While we are in human form, it is only natural and necessary to have human emotions. That's what we signed up for and that's what we are getting.

I encourage you to explore when and how you most emote. When is it acceptable in human form? When is it unacceptable? What can you do to balance your humanness with your spirituality? If you look at the way you emote from a higher perspective, what do you see? What do you feel? What type of human experience do you want to have? Chunk up or down your perspective so that you can find the balance that will best serve you and others and enlighten you at the same time!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome 2010! OMG! What Do I Do Now?!

I'm regrouping and reframing here in Santa Cruz County, California! Between apartment hunting and searching for my essentials in a massive 26 foot moving van, and not having a steady income flowing, I think I'm holding it pretty well together!

Did I mention that this is scary?! Holy crud, making a humongous leap of faith like this kind of move is like being set on the edge of a cliff, blind-folded, spun around 10 times (like the game "Pin the Tail on the Donkey"), and then told to walk forward and trust that the Universe isn't going to let you walk off the edge! But, alas, I am doing just that, trusting my instincts, trusting the Universe, and allowing it to flow. And, it will flow... right?!

So, I'm drinking my coffee on this lazy Sunday morning and wondering, when is the last time you've done something that you've really, really wanted to do and have felt the cosmic "pull" towards doing, even though it's scary and the end result is unclear? Have you pushed through and done it? Have knocked on the door of the unknown and walked through?

So, let me be frank when I say that if you are really, really wanting to rob a bank and you think that the Universe if guiding you to become an infamous bank robber, it's likely NOT the Universe, it's mental illness. You see, the Universe will call you to action and change and steadfastness only with things that are ecological (good for you, others and the world) and stealing isn't ecological... even when you're good at it!

What is the Universe calling you to do? It's now 2010 and the world is your oyster. I know there has been a lot of gloom and doom talk about the economy. I know that the "economy" has become the #1 excuse for all the problems of the world.

And, I think it's crap.

The economy cycles, when we get more "up" financially, people start getting greedy and then Karma comes in and hands out tickets. Then we start falling into a "down" cycle and people start depending more upon one another and helping out for the greatest good. So, my point being, don't let the down economy stop you from manifesting your aspirations! Now is the time to take your well designed goals and turn them into reality!

Be brave, young soldiers, step up and out of your comfort zone and trust that the Universe will guide you in your quest. And, I will heed my own advice and keep plugging away with all of the details to make my dreams a reality too!

Happy New Year!