Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Advantages of Being "Un-Friended"

The word of the year is "un-friend". How about that? Isn't it interesting that a word that has so many negative connotations can become a "word of the year?" So, I want to share a story about being un-friended and perhaps it will help you with keeping perspective as it did me.

It's hard sometimes to not get upset when you are un-friended through resources such as facebook and myspace. This recently happened to me and even though the un-friending took place by someone that I was wanting to un-friend myself, it still stung. You see, this person and I have had a very tumultuous relationship. And, as much as I didn't see her as someone I wanted to associate with on a personal, one-on-one level, I did want to maintain some sort of acquaintance. I didn't want to burn any bridges or hurt any feelings, and frankly, I wanted to be able to be social with her if I saw her out and about. That being said, our last encounter was one that I still sometimes find myself replaying in my mind, trying to make sense out a narcissistic mess! So today I pondered what it meant to me that she didn't even want to be friends with me via a social networking site.

And, then the weight lifted.

I realized that I have been asking the Universe to put people into my life that will help me grow and become better. People that will mirror both my strengths and weaknesses. I want to surround myself with other seekers and ones that aren't afraid of what they find out about themselves. People that will be proactive in making necessary corrections. And, the Universe is answering my prayers. The people that need to be in my life for me to live out my purpose, are the people that are in it in every present moment. And that means that its okay for people to filter in and out when its appropriate. In essence, the Universe did a little weeding for me. And, as with any growth, it can sometimes be painful or touchy, but none-the-less beneficial.

So, next time you want to "un-friend" someone, or they "un-friend" you, think of it as the Universe's way of helping you get out of a relationship that no longer serves you. Helping you to focus on growing your garden, not just weeds!