Friday, November 27, 2009

We Aren't Perfect

But, we're perfect in our imperfections. Someone said that to me one time in answer to my question of why people do bad things.

Why do people do bad things? Why is it that sometimes we even KNOW that its bad, and we still can't stop ourselves from doing it. The next question is, who decided that it was bad?

I'm just going to let you pause for a moment to absorb that last question...

Did someone a long time ago make a list of "rights" and "wrongs," and then sell the package to mainstream earth? Or did it come about organically, based on the consensus of the times and the needs of the people?

I've noticed that in the last 100 years the definitions of what is "right and wrong" has certainly evolved. Funny, similar concept with me... And you? Have you found that your ideas about what are right and wrong have grown, changed, mutated, become blurry or otherwise as you have enjoyed and detested the world around you? As the hair on your head becomes thinner and the inevitable grays become thicker, are the ideas and beliefs thinning and thickening as well?

In the early 1900's, us women were choosing to have full and equal responsibilities as that of men. At some point, that choosing became demanding and the demanding became fighting for our rights for equality. In the 1960's, Black Americans stood up and fought for their rights. Currently, Gay Americans are demanding equality as well, and thankfully starting to actually make some headway! Years back, this wouldn't have even been thought possible. People wouldn't have even thought twice about bigotry towards women, minorities, and homosexuality. But now, people are coming together and demanding a new precedent be set for what is "right and wrong"! I am thrilled to see justice be served and our brothers and sisters be given opportunities that never should have been excluded from them in the first place!

So, right and wrong... What is it that you have to be so dog-gone right about, right now? Because maybe someday very soon, you'll change your mind.


  1. Perhaps it would be healthier for us (and the future of our species on this planet) if we'd stop this obsessive fixation on the apparent abyss between "good" and "bad", and start seeing things in terms of "sense" and "non-sense".

    Perhaps it would be healthier for all of existence if we'd start realizing how deeply this world is torn by the conflict between opposites, a conflict which is not really a problem of outer reality, but basically a conflict within our own souls. Although the conflict is asking us constantly for an answer to its pressuring questions, we don't acknowledge our inner duality and thus reflect it onto the world at large.

    Perhaps the origin of seemingly unavoidable distinction between "good" and "bad" doesn't necessarily lie within the objects of reality themselves; perhaps the schism appeared the moment we all started longing for the sun without paying any attention to the shadow this divine longing creates within us.

  2. Thank you for your insights. :)

    I believe that as we become more and more awake as individuals, we become more and more awake as collective communities, etc, etc... The more awake we become, the more abstract the idea of "bad" and "good" becomes. Even "sense" and "non-sense" still has an undercurrent of judgment. I believe that here on earth, we are learning and evolving. We are spiritual beings that have CHOSEN to have a human experience, or multiple human experiences. It is my belief that when we move on to that higher consciousness as spiritual beings, the "right" and "wrong" disappear and things just "are".

    And yet, we live in a human world, with a myriad of feelings and emotions, actions and reactions. Try to tell a woman that has lost her child to a murderer that that wasn't an act of "evil" or "badness"... Is there likely some lessons from the experience that we as spiritual beings decided we wanted to learn from the murder? I believe, yes, most definitely. However, we are here, purposefully having a HUMAN experience, including all of the emotions and judgment that goes with it. And, from a spiritual perspective, I think that's what we signed up for... why would we bother to come to earth to have this human experience if we wanted to just experience an ethereal spiritual experience?!

    Are we intended, both as humans and spiritual beings, to grow and learn from all these "bad" and "good" things we experience? It is my belief that yes, we are. And, that ultimately one day the human and the spiritual aspects of us will reach full circle and we will have evolved and become fully awake. But, until then... we're going to be living and breathing human perspectives that will be constantly changing and (hopefully) becoming more tolerant and enlightened.

    Ahhh... you hit on one of my favorite topics, so I rambled a bit! Thanks again for your feedback!!!