Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting Congruent

So tell me, or more importantly, tell yourself, with what and how are you being incongruent in your life?

What areas specifically do you wish you could change? How specifically would you like to change? What is preventing you from moving forward and becoming congruent with the person that within your heart and soul you know you were meant to be?

These questions are good to implore the spirit and clarify who and what you are in this world. Our inward representation of ourselves is just as important as our outward representation. When you start digging deep within, asking the tough questions and allowing the honest answers to come forth, you will notice that you will begin to see patterns. Once you can recognize the behavior patterns, where they are in sync with who you really are, and where they are incongruent, you will then have the ability to make positive changes!

We have the ability to manifest our greatest good. Sometimes it is necessary to gain help from a trained therapist and other times we are able to make the changes in ourselves just by becoming aware that the change is needed.

I trust that as you go through your process of self-analysis you will notice the nuances that make you special, the gifts that you have that set your importance in the world apart from others, and the changes that will be so easy for you to make as you awaken!

Now is the time to start taking responsibility for your life with action!