Monday, July 6, 2009

Norah Jones elicits a Feeling

It's interesting to me how listening to certain tunes, such as Norah Jones, or watching certain movies can elicit reactions in us. Sometimes those reactions are emotional. Sometimes they are physical.

Eckhart Tolle would say that the "Pain Body" is being alerted and fed. I've been exploring what that means to me, in my life, and I can agree that he is on to something. I feel the way the mood of the music, for example, reminds me of things that may be better left alone. Do I really need to have a mood settle over me that reminds me of the loss of my marriage? Is that healthy? Is it healing the pain of the loss or is it feeding it? As I sit here in a mild state of melancholy, I believe that having those feelings re-awakened that I have been working hard at letting go and being at peace with, is not for my greatest good.

So, now my consciousness is inviting me to be proactive with my emotional states. Requesting that I choose carefully the information that I want to absorb.

Think about what triggers your "pain body" and then start the process of letting go.