Friday, June 12, 2009

Do We Have a Purpose?

I have felt all of my life that there is a divine purpose for each and every one of us. In fact, I believe this so strongly that my entire life focus has been about helping people to extract their essential purpose! The idea that we are here just existing, or maybe not, and then we die into nothingness, just doesn't resonate as a truth to me.

Recently, the idea was presented to me that perhaps this was only my personal delusion... that in fact, maybe there really isn't any reason for us to be here and there really isn't anything that we must do.

Think about that for a moment...

Frankly, I have been lost in thinking about it, feeling it, praying about it to my idea of a Higher Power. And, in this moment, I think I have come to the conclusion that perhaps he is right, it IS my delusion. And, my purpose here is to have this delusion and be supportive and helpful to others' with similar delusions.

In essence, we are both right and we are both wrong. If I remain too wrapped up in my delusion that it prevents me from moving forward, it puts me into a consistent judgmental space of right and wrong, and it presupposes that everyone out there has my same delusion, then I am missing the point about who I am in this world and what I am here to do (based on my delusion)!

So, I'd ask you to ponder this. What is your delusion? Is it holding you back from manifesting what you want to experience here? Or, is it propelling you forward to what your definition of "greatness" is?

You matter. We all matter. Be it my delusion or not, I am proud that I believe that.

Please share with me your thoughts or comments. I would love to dialogue with any of you who may come upon this blog!


  1. Of course we have a purpose!

    If there'd be no purpose to Life, the Sun wouldn't rise anymore to illuminate the dark fields of the Earth.
    If there'd be no purpose to Life, we wouldn't be able to grow through our suffering.
    The world would simply cease to exist..

    Contemporary society is so immensely fixed upon the rational deduction of reality into flat surfaces without any real inner contents. We have reduced the world to whatever can be logically explained by the reasoning surface mind of the ego. We worship a plethora of shells without realizing they're basically empty because of our own rejection of their hidden contents.

    Therefore I believe we can never reach to some kind of purpose by reason alone. Purpose seems to arrive out of an intuitive longing to seek ways to grow inwardly. Purpose seems to inhabit regions within the soul of humanity, where rational analysis is useless and where Life/God is pulling on our souls, so we might become our own path, our own specific way of living. Purpose longs for us to express the unique soul each one of us was given, crystallizing it out of its collective basis. Although we are all flowers on the tree of humanity, each flower is unique in its essence; a uniqueness which can only be expressed by transforming the collective energies lying at the heart of the flower.

    When I say we should become our own path of living, I don't mean some kind of egocentric inflation though. It's not about individuality, where the world is excluded and looked upon from an arrogant altitude. I'm writing about the unfolding of the individual soul so the world can be INcluded and embraced in sĂșch a way that arrogance, self-complacency and egocentricity are transformed into humility, receptivity, compassion and empathy. Becoming our own way means descending from the high thrones upon which we so often like to be seated, so we can roam again amidst the fertile valleys below.

    Purpose becomes self-evident when one Knows.

    How can one Know?

    Gestures are needed to step beyond one's familiar world to confront one's own demons, lurking in the shadows. When darkness is confronted, acknowledged and befriended, it becomes the portal towards redemption. When darkness is rejected, ignored and projected upon others, it becomes ever more threatening.

    Only by rebuilding the bridge towards the Great, Dark Unknown of the Soul can we transcend it.

    Only by making this lifelong gesture can we taste the fruits of purpose.

    All this is of course only my humble opinion :-)

  2. It's interesting, isn't it, how so many people out there can completely discount the dark side and are not able to take a hard look at it so they can accept the learnings that come from it and move through it.

    Thank you for taking the time to contribute your ideas and thoughts! My whole purpose of the this blog is to create dialog and exchanges of information, and your response was fantastic! In fact, it may be time to write more about embracing the shadow...

    Have a great day, and thanks again for your insights!