Sunday, November 9, 2008

"They say that dreams are the windows of the soul- take a peek and you can see the inner workings, the nuts and bolts." ~Henry Bromel

When looking into your heart and soul for answers, I would like to suggest taking stock in your dreams. Not just your fantasies and daydreams... but your nighttime adventures. Your fantasies and daydreams will lead you to the places that your heart yearns to go. Your sleeping dreams will evoke sparks of illumination, hope and inspiration!

Dreams, they could be your direct link to God. Have you ever considered what a brilliant format that would make? God could talk to us, give us suggestions and hints about what we are doing in this world and perhaps what we should be doing, without having to be this oppressive, stifling figure snuffing out our free will. Well, I for one, believe it to be true. Not to say that every dream we can remember is a poignantly expressed truth. But to be open to the concept that occasional flashes of brilliance may befall us, if we can choose to explore our deepest subconscious yearnings and remain open-minded.

"To accomplish great things we must dream, as well as act." ~Anatole France (1844-1924)

Any great soul-seeker, anyone willing to take on their own psyche... to explore the magnificent depth of our being, has to come at some point to the analysis of their dreams. To do this with the desire to learn and grow, certain sacrifices must be made:

1) You will need to dedicate yourself to taking blurry-eyed notes whenever you awake to relieve yourself or let the dog out.

2) You will need to persevere. This is not something for those seeking immediate gratification. Take your time and collect a series of data before you start making judgments about what God is telling you!

3) Realize that dreaming may not be the best and most direct route for you. There are many ways to explore our unknowns, and messages come from all angles and sources. This is an exercise to help you to open yourself up to possibilities. It is one path but certainly not the only path!

Starting tonight, I want you to start exploring your dreams. In order to do this effectively, it is best to keep a notebook and a pen near your bed. At any time through the course of the night that you may wake up, jot down a few quick notes about what you were dreaming about. It doesn't need to be much, just whatever comes to mind... colors, textures, people, whatever. Then again, first upon waking, write down whatever you can remember with as much detail as possible. Continue to do this night after night. Don't worry if nothing seems to make sense, oftentimes, dreams won't individually, or they won't at first, but in retrospect they may make sense. Often later, collectively, they may paint an intuitive picture for you to meditate upon. Some of you may have very introspective, thoughtful dreams that very explicitly give direction. Pay attention to these dreams. They may not be coming through as 100% accurate truths, but they may have an underlying message that shouldn't be ignored either.

A couple of good websites that can help you to decipher your dreaming are:

Remember, your best and most accurate dream interpreter is you. These sites are here to be helpful and they have general guidelines that interpreters know to be consistent dream symbols, but they aren't necessarily set in stone. Trust your intuition and it won't fail you!

I'll look forward to your comments about how everything is turning out while you explore this provocative, informative form of entertainment and enlightenment!

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