Friday, November 28, 2008

The Ripple Effect

When I was a young girl, I was quite taken with this poem, "There's a ripple effect in all that we do, what you do touches me, what I do touches you." It was on a really groovy 70's poster that hung on the wall of my room. It didn't site an author, so unfortunately, I have no one to credit. The words were so powerful and evocative that they have stayed with me all these years. Time and again I have reflected back on the simplicity and truth in those words.

In some ways, it's like saying that Karma will come back to you, positively or negatively, depending upon what you do. We have a choice in every instance, to create a positive vibration or the contrary. Sometimes we may worry that if we stand up for ourselves and hold our ground, and not take care of the other person or persons involved, that we will be creating a ripple of negativity. I stand to think that when we hold true to ourselves, with love and integrity, we will create a space that will allow others' to hold true to themselves also, with love and dignity.

There are natural consequences in this world. For example, my son may knock over a plant, breaking the pot and making a dirty mess everywhere. He didn't maliciously knock over the plant. It was an accident. However, there are still consequences from that action. He still needs to clean up the mess, possibly buy me a new pot out of his hard-earned money, and re-pot the plant if it survived the crash. Another consequence is that I lose a pot and possibly a plant. Likely both of our time is taken with the cleaning up, the going to the store for new supplies, etc. Cause and effect. It doesn't always mean that we make a conscious choice around how or why things happen. Things happen, consequences take form, and we get to decide how to react. We can react by throwing a fit, calling out abusive words, stomping our feet.... or, we can choose to remain calm and take care of the mess without letting the incident take us to another place of regret.

That isn't to say that some days I don't throw the fit and overreact! Of course I do! More and more though, as I become awakened, I realize that this is just "stuff". This isn't significant in the big picture! And, understanding that allows the space for life to take the course of our destiny, our blueprint. I allow myself to have moments where I am angry, frustrated, sad, etc... but, I make a conscious effort to identify that this is what I am feeling now, let the feeling happen in as safe a way as possible, and then release the hold the feeling has on me as soon as its appropriate. Remembering that it is just a feeling, it is not my overall essence.

One thing that I am in full awareness of... life cause ripples, we affect people knowingly and unknowingly, positively and negatively. However, if more often than not, we can choose to create positive ripples I'm suggesting that everyone will benefit in a global way. Especially ourselves.

I leave you with this quote by Earl Nightingale as you may ponder what type of ripples you are creating in your life, and in others' lives, "Our attitude towards life determines life's attitude towards us."

May you create peaceful and gracious ripples throughout your life...

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