Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A mentor of mine, Gary DeRodriguez, once said, "Stretch, imagine, and create relationships that are aligned to your deepest values."

The eighth wonder of the world, I would venture to say... is "I wonder why I'm here?". We've all done it, we've all questioned our existence at some point or another, so what is the answer? There are so many! That, my friends is why I'm here. My gift and purpose on this planet is to help other people understand what their gift is... what you are meant to learn... what you are meant to experience... what your contribution is to this human experience!

Whether you believe in a Higher Power, let's call it "God", or not, whether you have a fastidious religion, or a laid-back "relationship with God", it's okay! Nothing that you are doing is wrong. Everything you are experiencing, be it good or bad, is a human process that you chose to experience. And, as hard as some processes may be, there is always a greater good if you can dig deep enough to experience it. The downfall that we spirits face while in human form is that we forget the main focus of why we are here. We forget our "Blueprint"... our map of what our greatest desires to accomplish are.

Do you feel lost? Like you don't even know yourself anymore? Like you are going through the motions, but never accomplishing anything, rarely enjoying intense joy and satisfaction? Well, it may be time for you to reconnect with your blueprint.

The intention of this website is for interaction. You the reader and me, the writer... let's interact! Let's philosophize, theorize and problem solve! Let's ponder the gifts and curses of this world! Let's find solutions together to make it a happier, healthier place! I will be contributing my 2-bits here and there, (hopefully consistently) and I will look forward to your feedback! Only by seeking within ourselves, can we fully know who and why we are here. What our deepest values truly are. What really matters! That WE really matter! Each of you matter... if you are doubting, keep reading! You won't for long!

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