Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Listen to those 'Little Voices' inside of your head!

"When you listen and allow, Spirit guides you." -Dr. Wayne Dyer

Some people call it crazy, and some people call it "INSPIRATION". I am an "inspiration" kind of gal. Which kind are you? There is no right or wrong answer, it just leads you inward where you need to go in order to fully understand yourself. And, I believe that understanding yourself is one of the truest ways to realign your "blueprint" and discover what you are doing here. What your soul's greatest intentions are!

Those little voices inside you head, the ones that speak to you about what you like or dislike, about what you want to do or don't want to do, whether to turn left or right at the next intersection... they all are parts of you. Some may call them guides. Some may call them angels or devils (hence the famous depiction of the angel on one shoulder, the devil on the other...). Your Higher Self, God, Collective Unconscious... whatever you choose to use as a label is fine, just please entertain the idea that they are generally helpful little voices! Now, some of you may need some intervention as you begin your process of listening. Sometimes it can be very confusing to decipher what is helpful and what is hurtful if you have some underlying issues that haven't been resolved. Our subconscious' have a way of "protecting" us based on past events that may not be relevant to our current situations. So, it is applicable and logical to use some rational thought and reasoning while you filter those little voices!

In addition to those little voices, or for some of you, no little voices at all, but you may notice some body reactions to concepts that come to you. Pay attention! Your body will talk to you in a similar fashion to the "voices". If something isn't for your greatest good, you may feel your stomach turn... or a headache come on... or a nagging sensation deep within. Pay attention to the little details your body offers. They are there as a blessing to you. A road map of sorts to help you decipher how best to thrive as a human!

You may even choose to pay attention to your dreams. Many people out there don't remember their dreams, but bear with me, the more you consciously choose to remember, the more you sub-consciously will remember. When your body rests, the soul is active and generating new ideas and patterns that are organically helpful to you in both body and soul. It is my belief that it is insightful beyond belief to pay attention! I think that within the next few days I will share with you some tips on remembering your dreams and gaining insights into what they mean to you. Until then, remind yourself before you go to sleep that it is your intention and desire to remember the dreams that have important messages for you.

Now, that being said, I would like to add the disclaimer that there are times when your brain will act as a grand movie theatre for you during your sleep, it will replay all of the images in random order that engaged and excited you throughout the days. In addition to that, your imagination, hopes and fears may all play a role! Your dreams work predominantly using symbology. So, just because you dream it, does not necessarily mean that your spouse is having an affair, or your dog is going to be run over, or that you are going to be pregnant at 54 years old! Definitely more on dreams to come! Until then, keep a pen and paper by your bed, scratch some notes and pay attention!

Spirit, inspiration, God all come to you in your own unique delivery package. Listen to what is around you and discover where your most suited antenna lies. This is the first and most critical step in finding and accessing you purpose.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A mentor of mine, Gary DeRodriguez, once said, "Stretch, imagine, and create relationships that are aligned to your deepest values."

The eighth wonder of the world, I would venture to say... is "I wonder why I'm here?". We've all done it, we've all questioned our existence at some point or another, so what is the answer? There are so many! That, my friends is why I'm here. My gift and purpose on this planet is to help other people understand what their gift is... what you are meant to learn... what you are meant to experience... what your contribution is to this human experience!

Whether you believe in a Higher Power, let's call it "God", or not, whether you have a fastidious religion, or a laid-back "relationship with God", it's okay! Nothing that you are doing is wrong. Everything you are experiencing, be it good or bad, is a human process that you chose to experience. And, as hard as some processes may be, there is always a greater good if you can dig deep enough to experience it. The downfall that we spirits face while in human form is that we forget the main focus of why we are here. We forget our "Blueprint"... our map of what our greatest desires to accomplish are.

Do you feel lost? Like you don't even know yourself anymore? Like you are going through the motions, but never accomplishing anything, rarely enjoying intense joy and satisfaction? Well, it may be time for you to reconnect with your blueprint.

The intention of this website is for interaction. You the reader and me, the writer... let's interact! Let's philosophize, theorize and problem solve! Let's ponder the gifts and curses of this world! Let's find solutions together to make it a happier, healthier place! I will be contributing my 2-bits here and there, (hopefully consistently) and I will look forward to your feedback! Only by seeking within ourselves, can we fully know who and why we are here. What our deepest values truly are. What really matters! That WE really matter! Each of you matter... if you are doubting, keep reading! You won't for long!