Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Motivation Out of Heartbreak

I've been thinking a lot lately about my life and in which direction it's heading and I have been bombarded with ideas, thoughts and inspiration! It's amazing to think that during this time of struggle... my new marriage is currently failing... something wonderful could be emerging. I suppose that that is the way the Universe operates though, the quintessential 'One door opens as another closes' type of thing. I am working so hard on figuring out all the pieces that are missing from my marital puzzle, that it seems impossible that invention and motivation could be present! And yet, they are present. In fact, burning within me. I am literally on fire with ways that I can use all these skills that have been accumulating throughout the years! I am seeing so clearly how all the pain, frustration, and joy I've experienced has actually been helping me gain the experiences that I've needed in order to be able to play my part in this world! Pretty exciting, huh?