Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lets Join the Buffalo Mentality!

I think that in general, most people would assume that buffalo are somewhat inept, stupid even. However, I just watched a video on youtube http://www.BattleAtKruger.com that definitely has me thinking otherwise. In fact, I think that we as human beings would be well served to learn from them!

This video depicts a small family of buffalo, two adults and a child walking along the waters edge. In the near distance, a family of lions are observing them, salivating of course. As the buffalo approach the lions, the lions attack. The buffalo turn and run, as logic and instinct would dictate! The lions capture the baby buffalo, it being the weakest link, and start preparing their supper. Unbeknownst to the lions, the parent buffalo were gathering the herd for help and support. They came back as a unified force and surrounded the lions and attacked them, ultimately rescuing the baby from the lions clutches! The lions will go hungry tonight, and the buffalo have rallied together, collectively, to keep their child and their future, safe.

The reason this spoke so fiercely to me is that I am rarely seeing that observed in our society anymore. I remember when I was a child, I knew most of my neighbors and they knew me. When I did something naughty, they either took it upon themselves to discipline me or they marched me right down to my parents and ensured that my folks would take care of it! And, my folks did! A blind eye was never turned in my home. If you broke the rules, you faced the consequences. Ultimately, I learned to think twice before doing something I knew could get me in trouble!

And conversely, those same neighbors were the ones that would rally around me, tend my wounds if I were hurt, watch me if my parents were late home from work, talk to me when I had a bad day, defend me against the bullies of the world... they would keep me safe as one of their own. What is happening to our social consciousness that we aren't taking care of the children? When did the rights of the pedophiles become more important? When did political correctness and "not wanting to get involved" take over our natural instincts to protect and help?

It is said that it takes a village to raise a child. If you look around at our world you can certainly see where that is true. The places, the towns, the neighborhoods, the families that all contribute collectively to the nurturing and growth of our children are precisely the areas with the least crime, the highest academic accomplishments and achievements, and with the greatest amounts of overall happiness. And, financial prosperity has nothing to do with it! It is all reflective of our individual roles as caretakers of our children, amassed as a whole. We all make a difference, whether we want to or not. So, together lets choose to start making a difference that improves humanity. Let's rally together in our own herds and protect our children, our future and theirs. If we all gather together, as the buffalo, defeating the lions will not only be a possibility, but a relatively easy reality!