Thursday, March 13, 2008

Balance and Harmony

The word balance has been a key word used by spiritualists for centuries. Ayuraveda, feng shui, yoga, yin and yang... all of which teach us to work towards creating balance in our lives. And recently, "Balance" has come into question by some of the headlining speakers. It has been proposed that balance is boring. That it has no movement and without movement, it is dead, stagnant.

After being at a seminar by a well-respected author that shunned balance in favor of "Harmony", it created many feelings of uncertainty within me. So, I have begun the thought process of what exactly is balance, what is harmony? Actually, they are synonyms according to Webster's New World Thesaurus. I looked it up, as I had been thinking that the gentleman was speaking in semantics, creating a new catch phrase to help him sell more books and engagement seminars. Now, I'm not against new ideas and inspirations that encourage people to become their best, quite the opposite in fact, that is the whole purpose of this blog! However, I recognized within myself that I felt quite defensive about the word balance. It has been something that even when I was small I yearned for. And never once did it occur to me that if I achieved balance I would become stagnant or boring. To the contrary! I thought that if I were to ever achieve the status of being balanced it would be nearly mystical! Balance, at least in my mind, was the ability to masterfully handle the natural ebb and flow that life offers! How decidedly peaceful to consider that perhaps one day I would appreciate the rain as much as the golden sunlight streaming upon me! To taste the saltiness of a handful of roasted almonds and enjoy the sensation as much as I do the sweet taste of wedding cake!

Harmony is a beautiful word and an honorable objective, but I really don't think that it needs to take anything away from the beauty of balance. To me, it is no different than saying that one woman is the most beautiful and therefore, all others' are not beautiful at all. Just because one is beautiful, be it word or woman, does not make the other unbeautiful.

So, be it balance, harmony, equilibrium, level or attuned, they are all of the same and all well worth the pursuit.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bon Voyage!

As an Aquarian, I am a water bearer by nature. An air sign as well. So, my head often lives in the clouds, while my body moves through this space much like water does. Changing my environment subtly at times, and harshly at other times. My personal goals are to move through this lifetime creating positive changes in myself and those around me. This blog is my first attempt to communicate my intentions to this world and to myself. What transpires through these pages are yet unknown, but hopefully the ripple effect of positive change will transcend.

To end this introduction, I would like to quote Arthur Golden's work of art, Memoirs of a Geisha, "We lead our lives like water flowing down a hill, going more or less in one direction until we splash into something that forces us to find a new course." I have now splashed into something that is allowing me to embark on a new course, and I invite your comments and feedback!