Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Rear View Mirror

There are times in our lives when life just scurries along, task after task, detail after detail, and there isn’t much time or energy left over for introspection or analysis. And, occasionally, you may find yourself in that moment, sometimes after a trigger event, where all you are able to do is analyze and inspect your life and the direction it is going. Other times, the catalyst to look at your life is the end of the old year, and the hopeful beginning of a New Year.

It is now January, 2018. 2017 is only seen through the foggy rear-view mirror of our memories. Let's take a moment to reflect on that.

What comes to mind when you think of 2017? What do you look back upon and smile at the memory? What makes you wince with regret or remorse? Who were the major players in your life? Which people supported you in your journey? Who played the role of saboteurs? 

What decisions created positive results in your life? What decisions did you make that snowballed into consequences that created more challenges?

What if I told you that all of it, the good, bad and ugly, were incredibly important in your mission to grow and expand your consciousness? Life sometimes sucks, doesn't it? And, when it's sucking, it's hard to see the beautiful, treasured, empowered aspects that keep us on this side of the dirt.

So, for today, let's suspend disbelief and just pretend that everything that happens to us is for our benefit. What does that feel like? Maybe you could even check in with what it may look like? What does your life look like when you accept the idea that everything happens for your benefit?

How does that change your story? How does it feel to have your story change? What part of you needs to change now, in order for your story to work and be congruent with your evolving self?

What happens if you decide to not change? What is still working in your life and what do you perhaps now recognize, that isn't working? What would it be like for you to change a bit to make room for the shift and growth to happen?

Yes! It absolutely can be uncomfortable! Yes, it may hurt, in some ways, yourself or others. Yes, you may need to be alone for a while. Yes, you may need to sit with some feelings that arise, maybe even process those feelings with a professional. And, trust me when I tell you, it's worth it. What you learn and take away from moving through difficult change and constructive self-reflection is so powerful that you will almost forget how painful your experience was. 

Like childbirth... the baby is such a glorious gift that we, on some level, forget how incredibly stressful and painful many of our birthing experiences are. And so, we have another, and perhaps another, each time in the moment of labor, remembering the previous labor and laugh/crying about how stupid we are for torturing ourselves again! But, the product of the torture is exquisite. And, worth it.

And, so is this process of owning your life, for good and for bad, reflecting on it, and then allowing yourself the grace and expansion to learn from all of it, and move forward.

And, speaking of moving forward, if you would like to dive into a super-fun and life-expanding day of creation and exploration, I am having a one day workshop on January 27, 2018 at Essential Space in Santa Cruz, CA. The class is limited to 20 participants. We will be creating Vision Journals for the year 2018. Exploring the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual goals and dreams that are ready to be manifested! We will map out a concrete plan, clear blocks, and dive into our artistic selves with pens, papers and paints, pictures, magazines and word bites to bring all of the power of creation into form. A magical day of support and creation, what can be better? No experience necessary. All are welcome! 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Grow Your Dreams, Now!

So, tell me something, when is the last time that you really inspected your "containers" to see if they had enough room for your desires to grow?

Let me ask you another way.

Are you making room in your life so that the things you want, the things you'd like to create, can actually come into creation?

Bonsai plants are kept small because they are kept in small
containers and are pruned to be neat, tight, and intricate.  Other plants start in small containers and then are gradually transplanted into larger sized pots to accommodate their growth.

Do you need to transplant your life into a larger "container"?  Are you deliberately (or not) keeping your container small so that you aren't able to grow? Are you happy and satisfied with where things are right now? Is "small, neat, tight and intricate" where you want your life, or an aspect of your life to be?  If so, that is perfect, for you. Maybe...

If, however, you have a dream/goal that you have been wanting to bloom, but nothing seems to happen, it's time to inspect the container that you have created to hold your dream.  Is it big enough for it to grow and bloom?  Can it produce fruit the way it is and has been?

What would your dream look like if it had all the space and opportunity to grow?  Take a moment now and let your imagination fill the pages of your notepad.  No matter how big or how crazy your dream may seem, write it all down!  Notice what's going on inside of your heart right now.  Is the adrenaline moving?  Do you feel excitement? Fear? Anxiety?  Whenever we are on to something big, these feelings tend to creep in.  Just notice and acknowledge the feelings.  Don't let the feelings stop you from expressing your desires.

Now that your dream, in the biggest and best version, is staring at you in black and white and hopefully, technicolor(!), it's time to start creating a structure to support the dream.

First, inspect and write down on a separate sheet what is already working within your dream.  If you have a great office space, for example, write it down.  If your budget is balanced, write it down.  If you have all the education you need or want, write it down.  If you love your hours of operation, yep, you guessed it! Write it down!  Any and all supporting evidence, write it down!

Next, on a separate sheet of paper, write down all the things that aren't working.  Such as: The nextdoor business is too loud... I don't see my friends and family enough... I don't have enough clients to support my rent... etc...

Next sheet, write down everything and everyone that you can think of that supports your dream, or would support your dream if they knew about it or were implemented in it's creation.

The goal of these tasks are to find the blocks and then find the solutions.

What is preventing this dream from happening?  Is it a reality or a subconscious sabotaging?  If sabotage seems to be evident, then look at the different aspects that are holding you back. Are they real or perceived issues? Perhaps you are making excuses for your lack of productivity? Are you undisciplined, a master procrastinator? Are you letting the minutia of life derail your progress?

If you find yourself working hard, productively, objectively accomplishing the different steps that it takes to make your dream soar, and yet... your dream is still faltering, perhaps there is a timing issue? Or, have you explored doing a values exercise to see if the dream is ecological with your core values? Perhaps there are some deep, unconscious limiting beliefs that keep steering your dream away from reality.

Go through the above steps, explore deeply the container that you hold your dreams and goals in, and then reach out for help from a qualified professional to help you  take it to the next level.

What we have inside of us is meant to be shared. When we each take the time to nurture and manifest our wildest dreams, we enrich each others lives with the information, the hard work, the excitement and the ultimate product! This is where growth and consciousness expand!!!

Please feel free to share with me, and all who read this, your plans and dreams so that we can be part of your support energy!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Cure for "Wonky" Emotions

Do you ever wonder why you think, feel and react the way you do? Why some people can be so calm in certain situations and you tend to fly off the handle (and then feel terribly guilty or ashamed?  Or not…). Or how you get anxious over the smallest things, while others don’t seem fazed in the least?

Well, rest assured, you are not alone in dealing with unruly emotions. All of us have a barometer for how we react. This barometer is created by a lifetime, perhaps lifetimes (?), of lessons, and also of our personal biology. We create filters based on what we have learned from experiences that help us form the reactions that will keep us safe. We have our neurotransmitters in our brain that help us to make sense of things too. We consist of a body and something more. There are many theories out there about the “more”, and I have often pontificated on what that “more” may actually be. But alas, until the breath leaves my body, I will not know for sure. Everything beyond that moment of reckoning is all faith—what feels like a “truth” to us. Often based on what beliefs have been passed down through the generations, through ritual and dogma. Beliefs that came together to help keep us safe, unified, bonded as clansmen and women for the good of the “tribe”. But, I digress… although this post touches on beliefs, because our beliefs often spur on our reactionary selves, it is not the ultimate point, today anyway.

We have four main neurotransmitters in our brain that help us function and that also dictate quite a bit of our personality. For example, if you have a dominant Dopamine neurotransmitter, you may find yourself to be very powerful in physical and mental ways, fast and with a quick wit and tongue. You tend to be a strong-minded person who knows what you want out of life, and how to deliver. If you determine yourself to be Acetylcholine dominant, you may find yourself to be very sensory oriented, creative, and open-minded. You may find that you always are thinking about how your actions may affect the other person, and being considerate of them in the process. You have a strong intuition and an innovative nature! The GABA nature is one of stability, calmness, dependability and direction. It is easy for you to organize and maintain a proper schedule for accomplishing things. You may tend to speak more thoughtfully and softly then some of the other natures. And lastly, the Serotonin nature tends to be very adept at Carpe Diem! You enjoy activities and manifesting change, reinventing the wheel sometimes, and often finding a better and more amusing way of doing it!

All of us have all of these parts to us. We need all of our neurotransmitters to function properly to keep us balanced and vital. And, sometimes they go a bit wonky. So, what do we do if they aren’t in balance? What happens to us? Well, that is when symptoms of dysfunction and disease start to appear. Our bodies are machines that need a certain combination of nutrition, minerals, hormones, exercise, human touch, love and validation, and much more. When we aren’t getting the needs met, systems start slipping. My reference for all of this information is called The Edge Effect, by Dr. Eric Braverman M.D. He is a neurologist that has extensively studied the brain and I highly recommend getting this book and reading it. Take the quiz in it and learn about who you are and what can help you absolutely thrive in this life.

When our neurotransmitters are out of balance, or wonky, as I like to playfully call it, sometimes we may get a bit sharper in our tone… things may feel more personal… you may feel lonely or sad… you may not be able to sleep well… or poop well… or have chronic headaches… The symptoms that may show up are different for everyone and Dr. Braverman outlines possible cause and effect in his book. It’s worth some time to get the biology in order, bee-caause… it’s hard to purge anxiety with any modality if your GABA isn’t functioning well on a biological level.

If you’ve determined that your biology is in good working order, and you still feel like you aren’t operating as well as you should or could, you may want to dive into some personal history and start exploring what you consciously remember that may be contributing to your unruly emotions. And then you may want to dive into the subconscious mind to look for the drivers that are feeding them.

If you choose some guidance and you decide to work one on one with me, we will clear the drivers from a very deep level using a technique called MER Therapy that I learned from developer, Dr. Matt James. This method gets deep into the layers of who we are now, and perhaps who we have been in the past, as well as, who we are from our ancestors and how they have contributed to the beautiful mess that makes up our individuality. We may use some hypnotherapy or NLP techniques to also clear the limiting beliefs and decisions that aren’t serving us. I may dive into my “toolbox” for some unusual ways to help you clear that which is not serving you.

We all have an interesting make up of genes and emotions and baggage. We all get to dive into the bodies we were given and we can learn to let go of the judgment, the fears and the hostility and just embrace our lives, the lessons, the spunk and the funk, and learn to live fully and authentically as we were created.

I hope that you will find joy in the holiday season, in whatever capacity your beliefs take you. You are love and are loved. Be gentle with yourself and let your mind be free to possibilities!